Time is precious. Use yours wisely.

Better memory.

90% of memories are forgotten after a week. Scribe records all your meetings and makes them searchable and shareable.

Used by distributed teams everywhere

How Scribe works:

Invite Scribe to Zoom or Google Meets and Scribe will join when the meeting starts.
Meeting attendees mark important moments as they happen with our app.
The rest of us skip the meeting and catch up later in a fraction of the time.

Catch up on a 60 minute meeting in just 6 minutes.

Customer love

What are people saying about Scribe?

“Scribe helps our entire company get the most valuable parts of a meeting recording in just in minutes.”
Julie Zhuo
Co-Founder, Sundial
“I invite Scribe to almost all of my meetings and it saves me hours every week. It has become indispensable.”
Charles Hudson
Managing Partner, Precursor Ventures
“I love that I can be in fewer meetings and if I miss one I can easily scroll through and not have to rewatch the entire recording.”
Barbara Zerbe
COO, HealthMeans
“Scribe has become my shadow, it follows me everywhere and makes sure I never miss any details.”
Tyson Kunovsky
CEO, AutoCloud

Our mission is to give humans perfect memory.